Please See Company Virus Updates

For specific questions regarding the virus and J. M. Davidson’s response, please contact Shane Diaz, J. M. Davidson, Inc Safety and Security Manager at 361-883-0983.

On Monday, March 30th, the following measures were put in place to prevent additional risk of infection.  ​

  • A disinfectant deputy, armed with disinfectant cleaning supplies will be assigned to each workgroup to implement cleanliness measures.
  • Workgroups will be scaled back to no more than four people per work group, less if possible, and more only at the approval of our safety manager.  
  • By the end of the week, employees who are working within the social distancing recommendation will be required to wear safety masks and face shields (provided by the safety department)  to help slow the spread of any virus.
  • A safety/security specialist will be stationed at the front gate of the home office and other jobs sites when possible to stop any non-essential party from entering the property, brief people on safety protocols and verify delivery drivers have an escort before entering the property.
  • All meetings that may be held remotely, will be done in that way.
  • All outside contact with each work group, from customers, suppliers, new employees will be kept to an absolute minimum.

On Monday, March 16th, the following measures were put in place to prevent any and/or minimize the risk of infections:

  • Employees are asked to stay home, if a family member be ill with the virus or if they themselves become ill with the virus
  • Employees shall report any illness to their supervisor and Director of Human Resources. Employees shall seek medical attention from their physician immediately in case of any symptoms.
  • Observe a three (3) or, where possible, a six (6) feet spacing between personnel
  • Keep vigilant in regard to hygiene, i. e. wash the hands frequently, use hand disinfectants and disinfect any surfaces
  • All dashboards, steering wheel etc. of company vehicles shall be disinfected frequently
  • All doors-knobs, tool room areas and other frequently touched items in the offices, workplaces and common areas shall be disinfected frequently.
  • Personnel at work sites shall not be exchanged if possible and job rotation for long term deployed personnel shall be delayed
  • All non-essential personnel will be requested to stay home and shall be available on call
  • All company travel shall be stopped or minimized
  • Meetings shall be conducted via teleconference when possible.
  • JMD shall monitor CDC and Government guidelines and keep employees informed as well as implementing any revised guidelines