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Marine Liquid Docks – A Tier 1 Family of Assets

  • The liquid Dock is, without question, a tier 1 asset to a Marine Terminal, in terms of productivity, operability, environmental, safety and regulatory compliance.
  • A focus on the marine aspect of the facility is mission critical to the facility.
  • Will the failure in this asset result in immediate impact to, or shutdown of, multiple operations or systems
  • This failure will prevent capacity assurance due to the operational, environmental, or regulatory requirements.
  • Tier 1 assets typically have no redundancy and issues related to tier 1 assets must be addressed immediately in an emergency.


Advantages for an Integrated System

Dock Civil Infrastructure

Sheet Piles
Tie-Back System
Shore Erosion
Breasting Structures

Mooring Systems

Load Cells
Automatic Mooring Hooks

Marine Vessels

Breasting Barges/Spacer Barges • Line Handling Boats
Push Boats & Tugs

Marine Loading Arms

Hydraulic Power Unit

Vapor Recovery System

Automated Shutoff Valves
Detonation Arrestors
Liquid Seals
Oxygen Analyzers
Thermal Oxidizer

HAZOP Systems

ESD System
Electrical System
Fire Suppression Systems

Let’s Discuss


  • How critical is your asset to the overall functionality of the facility, how critical are the child assets to the parent asset.
  • Common sense is no longer that common, we take the guess work out of facility management.
  • Operability
  • Safety
  • Environmental
  • Single Point Failure
  • Maintainability
  • Reliability
  • Spare Parts Lead Time