Executive Vice-President

Marshall Davidson

  • Our employees are the most important feature of our business.  So much of our business revolves around putting the right people with the right projects.  People with the right experience, work ethic, and attitude that have the ability to bring a team together and make our customer’s projects come to life.We strive to be the solution our customers deserve.  A safe, reliable team, to make engineering and construction work happen.  We make it happen, from site-work to start-up

“Our goal as a company is to prove we are second to no one in safety, quality, and capability in our market sectors, every day.”

Why choose us?

J. M. Davidson, Inc. brings experience driven common-sense solutions to our customers assets.  From concept through commissioning, site-work to start-up, across a broad range of industrial market sectors, including upstream, midstream, and downstream oil & gas, power, waste water and others.

Quality Assurance

J.M. Davidson is an A.S.M.E. Coded Fabrication Facility. J. M. Davidson maintains a set of strict quality processes and prides itself as a company for producing products of the highest quality found in our industry.

Total Quality and Team Management

J.M.Davidson offers an excellent advantage especially in a tighter market, lower cost with equivalent, higher quality than other construction firms.


J. M. Davidson is dedicated to safe project execution. Our Safety Culture is based on knowledge, skill, and an attitude of care and concern

Practical Solutions
We believe in applying practical solutions to complex development problems.

Need More Details?

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